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Research Paper on Moyamoya Revascularization Surgery Accepted in World Neurosurgery Journal!

Macquarie Neurosurgery and Spine submitted a paper on Revascularization Surgery for Moyamoya Vasculopathy in the prestigious journal, World Neurosurgery and it has been accepted for publication.


Moyamoya disease was first identified in Japan, and the word ‘moyamoya’ is Japanese for ‘puff of smoke’. The name describes the appearance of tiny, fragile blood vessels that are visible on the brain scan of patients with moyamoya. These tiny blood vessels form in an attempt to compensate for the blocked arteries of moyamoya disease, but they are unable to maintain a normal blood supply to the brain. Patients are at high risk of suffering multiple strokes.


This is the largest published experience with moyamoya in Australia, detailing the characteristics of Australian patients with this rare condition and the results of surgery. Surprisingly, we showed that patients of Asian origin constitute a minority of moyamoya patients in Australia. The results of surgery were excellent, with prevention of new strokes in the majority of patients.


This work underscores the dedication and collaboration of the Macquarie Neurosurgery team. Their collective efforts exemplify the potential of multidisciplinary research to shape the future of medical practice and offer hope to patients facing challenging neurological conditions.


Congratulations to the team for this great achievement!