Macquiarie Neuro Surgery & Spine
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Enhance health and improve patient lives through excellence in care, innovative neurosurgical education, and research.





Macquarie Neurosurgery & Spine is committed to:


  • Delivering outstanding and compassionate patient care
  • Guiding the development of expert surgeons and scientists
  • Advancing the understanding and treatment of neurosurgical and spinal conditions by a focused approach to clinical and laboratory research.


Our core values encompass:

The highest principles drive our commitment to truth, honesty and fairness.

We constantly aim at improving patient care by encouraging dynamic thinking, challenging standards, and creating new knowledge.

We lead and engage multidisciplinary teams to ensure the best patient outcomes. Effective inter-professional communication is recognised as essential to collaborative success.

We endeavour to thoroughly understand our patients’ needs and respond by providing accessible and empathetic care to the community.

Through open communication, knowledge, technical skills, and clinical reasoning we provide individualised patient care. We respect each other’s expertise and foster professional development across the organisation.