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Patient Care

Patient Care

At Macquarie Neurosurgery & Spine, patient care and optimal outcomes are our specialists’ priorities.


Our reassuring and detailed approach ensures that every patient feels comfortable, listened to, and fully supported throughout their diagnosis and treatment.


We will ensure a thorough diagnosis is provided, followed up by expert, customised recommendations for treatment.

24-7 On Call Service
24/7 On Call Service for GPs

Our specialists welcome your call to discuss a patient’s treatment or any challenging patient cases you may have:


  • Our 24/7 on-call service can be reached on 02 9812 3900 including patients with urgent neurosurgery problems.
  • The on-call neurosurgeon can be contacted on 1300-MACQUARIE or through Macquarie University Hospital on 02 9812 3000.
Urgent Appointments

Urgent Appointments

Should you have a patient that needs an appointment urgently, please be assured that we will do our best to accommodate their needs.


We will ensure that you receive patient reports and updates in a timely fashion.


Referrals can be made via our online referral form:

Alternatively, you can contact us on: